Privacy Policy is one.

Fucking wake up!

  • Everything you do, everywhere you go, they're monitoring you and watching you. It's not anymore "government for the people by the people," its government for the government, and the banksters. Privacy. Shove it. It's history.

  • At school, at work, at play, we have no more privacy. We're slaves again. The feudal landlords have taken over the house. Elvis is long gone. We're next. A tsunami of pain is coming soon- economically, politically, socially. Wake up. They already have taken your health and possibly your parents home too. Now they're coming for their 401k's, the pensions and your bank accounts too. Dumb asses!
  • This website respects your privacy. There are no cookies or scripts to collect information about you. We don't care who you are or where you're from. We just want you to genuinely learn and genuinely practice genuine health care. Skills, not pills. That's our policy. That's our future. Yours and ours. That's how we are going to win in the game of health. Skills, not pills. Deep body cleansing skills.

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